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Published: Saturday 23 May, 2009

In this edition of Shop Talk, wed like to offer a peek at the new information found on our
Under Development page
for those who may not have seen it yet. The upcoming major content
patch, Call of the Crusade, will bring a host of new features for World
of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

  • The Argent Tournament Expands: With the help
    of Azeroths heroes, the Argent Crusade will finish the Argent Coliseum
    just in time to call for all brave citizens to prepare for battle with
    the Lich King. New dailies, rewards, and more will be available at the
    Argent Tournament grounds to lure adventurers into the coliseum.

  • Crusaders' Coliseum: In order to prepare for a
    siege on Icecrown Citadel, players will be called by the Argent Crusade
    to test their mettle in the coliseum. 5-player, 10-player, and
    25-player challenges await inside.

  • New Battleground: Isle of Conquest, a new
    large-scale siege Battleground, will be open. The Horde and Alliance
    will battle head-to-head for control of strategic resources to lay
    siege to the keeps of their opponents.

  • New Arena Season: Season 7 will officially start, paving the way for all-new items and challenges.

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