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- July 30th, 2009

We have lowered price of many guildwars related products, including: ectos, zkeys, gold farming, accounts again in response to the 3rd anniversary day. Gamebank has been in this business for 3years, providing support for thousands of customers, a unique website in this industry, Gamebank never uses bots, every product we sell is hand-farmed by real people, in order to keep your account safe! We hope you all enjoy yourself on this triumphant shopping festival, and thank you for your business with Gamebank!

GameBank Summer Holiday Promotion- July 26th, 2008-Sep 1st,2008

a. 5% bonus for purchasing Guild Wars Gold and ECTO;

b. GameBank will Present a Bonus misssion packs for anyone who invited a client for us.;

c. GameBank will send thousands of Guild Wars items for free during this summer. Just feel free to contact us:

Guild Wars Gold/ECTO Farming On sale now!- Friday 28 March, 2008

Due to the suspend of Trade gold in Guild Wars, we cannot trade with you face to face. We would like to give you the best service, so we offer gold farming in a new trading way. First, your account need two of the sections in Guild Wars. Second, we need your one of your character slot. We promise we will give your account and the gold to you on time. We will notify your by mail when we complete the order. For your account's safety, when your gold farming was complete, please change your original password. Thank you for your cooperation.

In order to ensure that we can finish your guildwars golds,zaishen key,items or ectos order quickly, please do not change the account password or provide the incorrect info during leveling. No progress can be made without the correct log in information. While your character is being leveled you mustn't log in as it will interrupt service. Once we have finished your order we will notify you by email. Completion times vary according to the quantity of the gold requested. If you have any problem please contact our Live Chat; our operators are here to assist you 24/7.

Our goal is to satisfy all our customers and swiftly complete their orders. We can upgrade your characters levels, skills and give you more gold. Our team consists of veteran players with over 2 years of playing experience. We offer only quality, professional services to all our customers. No risk is ever involved during Guild Wars Gold Farming process. Our staff will not chat with anyone during Farming, so don't fret about your rep.

Two New Services Of Guildwars Gold/ECTO-- Friday 23 March, 2008

1.we will create a new account and farm the guildwars golds,zaishen key,items or ectos for you (you could choose the amount).then you just need to buy this account, so that we dont need to trade the golds in game, and you could use the golds to buy the items you want, then transfer the item to your main account, it makes your main account safer, avoid being banned.This account have factions and nightfall, but its not expensive compare to buy the gold only.

2.we farm the guildwars golds,zaishen key,items or ectos use your own account, but your account must be America account, and you need to tell us your account name and password. We are the first web to provide this service, with the purpose of helping our customers' account avoid being banned.

2008 Guild Wars Gold & Globs of Ectoplasm PurchaseNew services Instruction

Guild Wars is a competitive game that includes a good amount of PVP opportunity. One of the best ways to improve your ability to compete to your fullest potential is to fill your wallet with Guild Wars gold, however, it is very time consuming to acquire in bulk. That is why GAMEBANK offers a way to get cheap Guild Wars gold,Globs of Ectoplasm quickly. You can buy GW gold, Globs of Ectoplasmhere! Generally speaking it will be delivered to you within 5-60 minutes. Enjoy your Guild Wars game experience! We will do the rest.

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